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Tile and Grout Clear Sealing

Grout is a porous material that over time will discolour and stain through general day to day spills and use.  By applying a clear sealer you will prolong the life of the grout ensuring that it looks like new for longer.  It is best to apply when the tiles are first laid or soon after to make sure that it has the maximum protection and stain resistance before it has the chance to get discoloured from any spills or wear and tear.

A clear sealant penetrates the grout filling giving it a protective barrier that repels water and oil based liquids which helps prevent the staining by most food and beverages  and the settling of dirt and grime on the surface.  Our skilled technicians will apply the sealant making sure you have the correct sealer for your type of grout giving you the best protection of your tile and grout investment.

  • Eliminates the need for harsh chemicals when cleaning
  • Helps maintain the original beauty of the tiles and grout
  • Resists staining and mildew
  • Blocks grout pores which helps extends the time that spillage needs to be clean


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